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How to Design Small Spaces

What's New in Design?

Contemporary design is what is happening in the moment. Today . . . now . . . 

Traditional is then, transitional is neither here nor there.

Mid Century Modern is stuck in the 50's.

Of course, the style of the house dictates the design inside.  

Don't do a modern look in a traditional home.













Contemporary interiors beg for a contemporary exterior.  

Sleek fabrics, white leather or white linen.

Clean lines in your furniture choices, more geometric than floral. 

Simple and solid patterns. Decorate with less color and more shape.

Cool (literally) flooring; concrete, large tile or hardwood floors.

Geometric or Solid Color Area Rugs 

Paint the walls in bright colors or white.











Make sure comfort is the centerpiece of your design. Don't be trendy . . . be classic.

February 17, 2015


Seems like the new big thing is tearing down the old . . . typical LA vision or lack of?

The debate over tearing down the Norm's Restaurant on La Cienega is the latest in the long list of recent Tear Down's. I am still bemoaning the loss of the Ambassador Hotel. Not so...

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